New Whats-App bugs deletes messages


There are many ways that modern messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger mark an improvement on the standard SMS. One of the most obvious, however, is the continuous chat display and the ever-present back up of all your own messages. WhatsApp has even signed a deal with Google to have WhatsApp messages backed up forever and without limits on Google Drive. Permanent backups are a great feature if they work properly but, unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan.

A new WhatsApp bug is randomly deleting old messages from some Android phones

People have begun reporting a WhatsApp bug that has been deleting their chat histories. Yep, those chat histories that are supposed to last forever have been disappearing from people’s Android phones. The good news for all you Apple fanboys, however, is that so far, the bug hasn’t been affecting iPhones.

A Moto G4 Plus user who was the first person to highlight the new bug. He brought it to the attention of the guys at WABetaInfo. They then tweeted about the bug, and since then many more users have come forward to report their messages have been disappearing, too.

The bug seems to have been evolving, too. It first appeared to be deleting old chats in chronological order, but it has now begun targeting and deleting chats at random. Interestingly, when WhatsApp recently announced the migration of chat backups to Google Drive, it informed users that they’d have to perform a manual backup at least once, to activate the migration, or the backups would be deleted. It doesn’t appear, however, that the two issues are related.

If you’ve noticed that your WhatsApp chat histories have been disappearing recently, there is a good chance this bug has been affecting you, too. The bad news is that there is no official fix available to help you at this time.

But help may be on the way. In a report by Tech 2, WhatsApp has said, “We are aware of this bug and are working on a fix for the users who have encountered this issue.” The WhatsApp statement, however, doesn’t say whether the fix will help affected users recover their lost messages or will simply stop more users being affected.

If you’ve been affected by this or any other WhatsApp bug, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below or via social media.

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